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I'm Lisa - a writer, creative, therapist, guide, seeker, and human. I'm so glad you're here.

I create offerings to support your full humanity.

Everything I share here is done so from my core beliefs about humans: that we are all whole, good, and enough; sometimes, it just takes a bit of guidance, self-reflection, and reminders to remember who we are underneath the layers that have been piled on top.


Virtual courses created by me, aimed at bringing you closer to your true self.


A monthly collective with deep dives into my favorite topics, inner exploration, resources, and community connection. Coming soon! Stay tuned.


Downloadable offerings for self-inquiry, self-reflection, and inner cultivation. 

My work is grounded in supporting and guiding humans to reconnect with themselves, rediscover their goodness, and redefine how they want to show up in their lives. My work is rooted in radical acceptance, self-compassion, integrating our stories, and honoring our full humanity.

Values that guide my work

Sharing and guiding from my values is deeply important to me. Here are some of the values currently guiding my work:


Showing up with compassion for self and other as a way of staying in integrity and cultivating connection


Staying with the moment, guiding in the moment, connecting in the moment, being in the moment.


Making room for all parts of who we are from a place of acceptance, curiosity, and self-trust.

My new course, Cultivating You, is here!

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