This course is focused less on giving you answers and more on empowering you to explore your own answers.

Through sharing teachings, insights, and questions, this course aims to support you in accessing your own innate wisdom and inner knowing. It's an invitation to look inward, explore different aspects of who you are (physical, emotional, creative, relational, and spiritual), and create new ways of relating to yourself that feel nourishing, supportive, and kind.

Audio and visual content

Audio over visual slides that guide you through five components of relating to yourself, practices that support you in doing so, and prompts to reflect on.

A course companion & guide

Journaling prompts, intention-setting practices, reminders, and other supportive reflections to support you in integrating and embodying the course material.

Downloadable resources

Self-created and hand-picked resources for deeper dives during and after the course, supporting you really bringing the course content into your life.

Cultivating You might be for you if:

  • You’ve done healing work and want to go deeper
  • You’re wanting to get to know yourself in new ways
  • You desire to expand your capacity for showing up fully
  • You’re wanting to practice a richer sense of self-acceptance
  • You hope to develop a deeper understanding of different parts of yourself
  • You enjoy exploring who you are from different perspectives
  • You're seeking new ways of looking at yourself
  • You're interested in nourishing the relationship you have with you
  • You are lit up by living more fully into who you are in fresh ways
  • You value creativity, intuition, and self-exploration
  • You value your full humanity and wholeness
  • The thought of digging deeper into who you are excites you
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Here's a brief overview of what to expect in Cultivating You:

I'm Lisa - the creator and guide of this course.

I created this course because looking inward, getting to know myself in new ways, and cultivating a more intentional relationship with myself has allowed me to show up more fully and honestly in my life, my relationships, and for the causes that matter to me.

It is my hope that this course will guide you back to parts of yourself you might have forgotten about, inspire you to connect to yourself in different ways, and ignite a new way of relating to yourself that feels nourishing, compassionate, and full of life. I believe so fully in our innate goodness, worthiness, and enoughness, in living into our full humanity, and in honoring all of who we are.

Outside of this course I'm also a writer, a therapist, a creative, a guide, and a fellow traveler doing this whole Human Thing alongside you. I'm so glad you're here!

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Investing in yourself is one of the most important investments you can make, no matter how big or small. I honor you for considering to create more space for getting to know yourself in new, more refreshing ways. 

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